While I carry many tools gleaned from years of training and consultation, you are the expert on you.  We’ll work together to create a unique experience based on your needs and feedback.

Individuals. Sometimes people come to sessions with a clear goal or need in mind, sometimes people just know they can’t keep going like they have been. Whether it’s your first time trying therapy or you feel like you’ve tried everything, we’ll start where you are. I work with EMDR when it’s appropriate to address trauma experiences, and use the Internal Family Systems model to help people change relationships both within themselves and with the external world.

Couples.  In partnership we are all most vulnerable, and when couples engage in this work, they stand to gain a lot of personal growth as well as relationship healing.  I have trained in both the basic and advanced levels of Intimacy From the Inside Out, a model which leads couples to untangle the strong emotions and defenses that can obstruct clear communication and compassionate listening.  It is not my role to determine whether couples who come in are meant to stay together or to separate, my aim is to help you have the important conversations you need to have in a more effective way.  

Scheduling, Insurance, Fees.   Sessions are  typically scheduled for 50 minutes each week, at the same day and time.  Occasionally different needs arise and when clinically appropriate, the schedule can be altered to meet specific needs.   I am in the network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, and can submit electronic invoices for in and out of network reimbursement.  You may want to call your insurance ahead of time and inquire about your deductible and co-insurance.  My fee is $150/session.  

How Do I Get Started?  Sessions are scheduled by appointment, call me at 307-399-4508.  A fee will only be charged for the first session if you remain in treatment with me.  

Supervision and Consultation.  I offer supervision for beginning through experienced therapists, focusing on stabilization and trauma work, as well as relational dynamics and treatment planning.  I am an EMDR International Association Certified Consultant and can offer EMDR supervision toward basic training as well as certification.