I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Laramie, Wyoming. I see the goal of therapy as helping people increase their sense of freedom and flexibility in their lives, to feel a sense of choice and self agency, and to live to the fullest of their potential.  I work with relational psychodynamic therapy (talk therapy), mindfulness-based practices, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), the Internal Family Systems Model, and mind/body techniques.

While troubles from our past and present can cause people to feel injured or “stuck,” I believe we all have an innate healing system in our psyche, akin to that of our skin and bones, and it is my aim to help people enable this healing system and prevail.  Too often people feel engaged in a long struggle for "self improvement," when it is really compassionate, connected awareness that brings deep transformation.

Therapy is not about people having something “wrong with them.”  In fact, different parts of us may have come by certain emotional reactions or behaviors quite honestly.  Usually problematic behavior or stuck feelings have been really right at one time, maybe self protective and even life saving.  The trouble comes when the external circumstances have changed, but the feelings or behaviors stick around.  In therapy we work to bring your conscious mind and your physical nervous system up to date, so you can make free choices in the present and improve your sense of ease of well being. 

What people talk about here is as unique as their fingerprints: relationships; work; stress/anxiety/perfectionism; trauma and complex trauma; dissociation; depression; substance abuse; sexuality/gender/identity; parenting; and anything else on their minds.  

Most people I’ve worked with would say that what I do is offer a safe place to talk, be heard, and heal.